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Medical Transportation Management, LLC.

Our Services

We offer FREE consultation, FREE two-week, Full Function Trial of our Software, and FREE transportation Analysis.

We are an experienced staff of EMS Professionals that base our success on client satisfaction and substantial cost savings, all at the lowest costs in the industry.

We believe in personalized care based on your concerns.                 Read More

  • We work for the facility to reduce and eliminate transportation costs
  • Medicare/Medicaid Insurance Completion and Filing
  • Custom Software to solve ANY problem
  • 24-Hour Telephone Support

Medicare/Medicaid Paperwork Completed and Filed

Meet Our Staff

We work with individuals and medical facilities to facilitate and coordinate the safest, lowest cost medical transportation by completing and filing insurance paperwork, scheduling transportation, and ensuring the highest safety and compliance standards of medical transportation companies 

Medicare/Medicaid Compliance


Reduced Transportation Costs